VGHS Season 3 Finale Review

Since Season 3 of Video Game High School (VGHS) has come to a close, I can’t help but wonder whether the series I have come to love has finally finished for good (unintentional rhyme there).

The creators of VGHS have created a universe that I am sure many people would love to live in; I know that I am definitely one of those people. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a school mainly focusing on Video Games? Most people wouldn’t? Well they’re lying! I mean think how many games you’d get to play and how many achievements you’d unlock as a result. If that isn’t a life goal to strive towards then I don’t know what is!  They’ve created an incredible series with amazing cinematics and a wonderful script that I can’t get enough of.

So what happens in the finale?


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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] Review

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]
One of this years most in demand products, praised worldwide by models and people alike, this little product is taking the world by storm. It helps correct the appearance of imperfections, even skin texture and unclog blocked pores”

I haven’t been using this for the longest period of time but like it states on the packaging – within 24 hours: imperfections look visibly less red” which was found by a cosmetoclinical study on 38 subjects.  I can also confirm from using this every night for the past few months just how true this is.

This little product truly is a miracle worker in a 40ml tube.  From a young age I have suffered with breakouts and acne prone skin, I have tried many spot combating products with many good results and some bad.  Some of the products I have used ended up bleaching every single towel in the house. But out of all the creams and lotions I have used, either prescribed by the doctor or bought at my local pharmacy this is by far my favourite.

I noticed within a few days of using this that my skin was slowly improving and within a matter of weeks my breakouts became less often to none existent.  Instead of waking up with greasy skin in the morning it would feel very matte, this is why the Effaclar Duo Plus can also be used as a primer.  Which I have also used it for; it not only keeps breakouts at bay throughout the day but also keeps makeup in place.  


I would suggest to anyone out there wanting to improve not only their skin condition but also any acne problems they may suffer with that this is the go to product.  It is priced at £15.50 which can seem a bit steep for spot cream but it is a multi-tasking genius so is worth the price tag.

However if you want something a little cheaper I will be testing The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion which is priced at £9.00 and from the ratings has a great track record for helping improve breakouts and acne issues, if this seems more your price tag look out for my post on this item – coming soon. 🙂

You can pick this product up at your local Boots store or online here  —> along with several other outlets.  Let me know what you think of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] in the comment section below as I would leave to hear your opinion.

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Megan x 🙂 

South Park: The Stick of Truth Mini Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth brings a new outlook to the typical TV series games that have been released in the past; not only does it stay true to the TV show but it also allows you to become a part of their world.  You are immersed into South Park as the new kid and your mission; to make friends and RPG with some very familar faces – Cartman, Butters, Kenny to name a few and many more.  

So for anyone out there who hasn’t played this game it is time to follow your destiny – step up Douchebag and reclaim the Stick of Truth. 

Soap & Glory – Make Yourself Youthful CC Cream Review

Soap and Glory 
Make Yourself Youthful Superfluid CC Cream with SPF 15
Shade: Good Light

I purchased this product with a bunch of other Soap and Glory items and ever since then I have been unable to stop using this.  I have never used a CC Cream before however like a BB cream it is basically a tinted moisturiser with sun protection. A part from this the creams main aim is Colour Correction or Complexion Correcting – note the CC.

As of lately I have had very dry and terrible skin which is not great when trying to apply foundation over the top of it, luckily this CC Cream glides over effortlessly and seems to cover any redness on my skin brilliantly.  Unfortunately when it first comes out it appears very very orange… a bit tangtastic I know and this is the lightest shade you can get, it is almost shocking to how orange it is;

Don’t be discouraged by the colour though, it blends nicely on the skin and when powder is applied you can barely tell the difference to your natural skin tone.  Just make sure to blend well when using as otherwise your face and neck will look very different indeed, also blend into the neck as you usually would with other foundations to make it less noticeable.

Below is what it looks like when applied alone with nothing else, still a few lumps and bumps noticeable on my skin however there is no unsightly redness that is completely visible.  

I would suggest to anyone giving this ago even if you buy it for the smell alone, I mean it smells divine and in my book anything that smells good is a winner. Maybe that’s just me…probably is just me. 

Depending on what kind of skin day I am having it can either go a whole day without becoming greasy and needing powder but other days it can become greasy on my skin, it has good days and bad days but that can be applied to any product out there.  I know in Korea they are very focused on beauty regimes as they know that in order to have flawless make up you have to have a good base to build upon – similar to when building a house. That’s why they are leading the way in skin care and beauty. 
You can get yourself this fabulous CC Cream from Boots online or in store for £14.00.  
Luckily this product is currently on offer for a limited time only for £9.33 with a free Nivea sample when you buy this product online at 
Get yourself one now –>


It worked for me so hopefully it’ll work for all of you.  
That’s all from me.  Have a wonderful day.
Megan xx 🙂

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Review

There’s always that one product that your grandma “swears” by. That they have been using for years and completely adore. It isn’t always your nan, it can be your mother or your aunt’s son’s sister’s mother in law who swears by a product. They’ll rave about it non-stop and always name drop it when a crisis happens that could have been prevented or resolved by the miracle product.

That’s how I feel about Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream, this is my current “swear” by product. I know I haven’t been using it for years and only for about a month now but I honestly hands down would swear by this gel. The condition of my skin has improved drastically over the small amount of time I have been using it which is rather shocking as I know some products take time to see results. I cannot stop using it and could definitely not live without this little gel in my life, it is utterly brilliant!

So much so that even my mum has started to use it and wants me to get her some for her birthday.

I was worried about getting this gel at first as from reading reviews quite a lot of people had skin irritations as a result from the ingredient of snail secretion filtrate in the gel. I took the gamble and hoped that I wouldn’t be met with the same fate, I assumed that my skin would win in a Hunger Games styled battle against this product when it came to inflammation and irritation and luckily for me, I was right! I came out victorious with a better complexion.

The great thing about snail secretion filtrate is that it is jam packed with wonderful ingredients like elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen among other things which helps to treats scars, wrinkles and acne due to the goodness in these little ingredients. It also helps moisturise, protect and regenerate the skin. No snails are harmed in the extraction of the secretion, it is done in the most humane way possible.

Some people find the idea of putting snail slime on their face disgusting but with all the benefits it has, I don’t understand why more people haven’t jumped on the band wagon already. I know many people don’t like the idea of creepy crawlies but it isn’t like you’re actually putting a snail on your face. I strangely find snails cute. My mum absolutely hates them so I am shocked she even dared to use this product.

I remember there was a snail climbing up on the outside of the window late one night and when she saw it there, she screamed and ran into the other room. I thought Slender Man was outside! That would be the only way to justify her reaction to one small snail.

This product is revolutionary (if it doesn’t cause you any skin irritation) and has become part of my everyday routine especially at night.

The gels consistency is thick but applies easily and spreads evenly on the skin, basically like any other gel. Only way I can explain it really.

This gel has not only helped make my skin look better but has also improved my breakout issues, I haven’t had any real concerning breakouts since I started using this gel and instead of using my spot cream I now use this.

I personally love this product and would buy another one tomorrow without a moment hesitation, it is cheap and does wonders for the skin. It is a 45ml miracle worker!

I give Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream 6 out of 5!

I know, I know! Six doesn’t come into the range of 1-5 but I love this product so much that I cannot help but give it plus marks on all fronts!

I got mine for a steal at £3.28 with free delivery from f2plus1, you can get one for yourself from:

Feel free to also check out f2plus1’s ebay page here:

That’s all from me for today. Thank you for reading,


Megan x


Would any of you be willing to put snails on your face? I remember seeing an article a while ago about letting snails crawl all over you face as part of a facial. I wonder what fancy term they came up with to call that, obviously not – Snail Slime or Dude, where’s my Snail Secretion? So many missed opportunities!
Feel free to message me or email me with your suggestions to what products or make up I should try and review next. Don’t worry, they don’t just have to be Korean! Although at the moment I am loving all things Korean.
I hope you have a lovely day or had a lovely day depending when you’re reading this. Eat a cupcake for me! Meg x


I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or sellers to make this review. All the views expressed by myself are strictly my own.

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

I recently purchased this beautiful product above, Lioele’s Water Drop BB Cream from eBay seller Sing-Sing-Girl.  You may be wondering why it goes by the name of Water Drop BB Cream – well I know I was when I first discovered it. The reason behind this genius name is because the BB cream has droplets in; I was initially taken aback by this as, as you can assume when I came to use it a small amount of water came out. I should have gathered that this would most likely happen from the name but I was still shocked at the discovery and at the same time fascinated! I have noticed from using this BB cream multiple times and having it in my make up bag, that if it lies down for far too long then is used, a lot of water comes out. It is almost like the Nile comes gushing out of this small tube, it reminds me of Hermione’s bag.

 I would suggest when using to remember to bring your umbrella and coat along as rain is forecasted!
Jokes aside, the water drops are actually significant and very helpful where this product is concerned.  They help prevent the cream from feeling sticky and thick on the skin.  They also ensure that it moisturises and cools redness along with helping care for troubled skin.  I think with that in mind the water droplets can be forgiven, even welcomed into the equation.
I absolutely adore this BB cream, the packaging and design is absolutely beautiful and feminine, I have kept the box as I can’t bring myself to throw it away.
Below are the instructions and ingredients for this BB cream:
Lioele’s Water Drop BB Cream is best for humid conditions or when you’re spending a lot of time out in the sun as it is an oil free water based product that won’t clog the pores, meaning it can be worn all day without worrying that it is irritating the skin.  This is one of the main reasons I got this BB cream as I am going away later this year to a lovely warm country and I just want something to wear on my face when I am out sight seeing and adventuring as well as maybe on the beach.  Luckily it also has SPF 27.  I wouldn’t suggest using this product alone without a sunscreen as it definitely isn’t strong enough to protect you from the suns harsh rays, so bare that mind!
It is also a great product for anyone who suffers from the occasionally breakouts to those who have acne prone skin.  
This BB Cream gives light to medium coverage depending on how you build upon when applying; it is light on the skin and adapts to your natural skin tone immediately upon application. This was great for me as, as I have said before I am very naturally pale and sometimes I worry that foundations or BB creams will turn out too dark and noticeable on my face.  Luckily, this prevents this from happening as shown below:


Ta Da!!
Nicely blended and barely visible on the skin.  It’s like MAGIC!
Ever since I got this product I cannot stop wearing it, I am absolutely in love with this and cannot get enough! I would buy another one of these tomorrow without a moments hesitation!  I am glad I didn’t wait till my holiday to try this BB cream out.  It has a lovely finish and feels like you’re wearing nothing on your skin, it is very natural and perfect for me!
This is what the product looks like without anything else over the top e.g. no blusher or powder.
It looks natural on the skin and isn’t thick or cakey. 
As you can see it has adapted to my natural skin tone.
Overall I would suggest that anyone who fancies trying a Lioele product start with this one especially if you live in a hot country or plan on going away anytime soon.  To be honest, I would suggest getting it even if the above statements don’t apply to you as this little BB cream is wonderful and I cannot praise it enough, so don’t be scared, make the leap and get it! I know you won’t regret…hopefully!
I am going to try the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream soon but I am slightly worried about that one as from what I have heard it has heavy coverage and I don’t think I have ever used anything of that density before. It will be an experience, I can tell you that much.
I give Lioele’s Water Drop BB Cream 5 out of 5!
You can get one yourself one for £8.08 with free delivery from:
Mine arrived very quickly from Korea which was brilliant as I couldn’t wait to try this product out, if you wish to see anymore Korean cosmetics and have a look for yourself, visit Sing-Sing-Girl’s page for more products. I will be trying out more Korean type make up and products so keep your eyes peeled.
Here’s Sing-Sing-Girl’s ebay page:
Thank you for reading,
Megan x
I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or sellers to make this review.  All the views expressed by myself are strictly my own.

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Review

Clearing Review

Holika Holika BB Cream - Main pic

I have always wanted to find a product that both conceals and covers my face without looking cakey or clogging my pores. That is why I turned to Korean BB creams as from what I heard from a friend they were perfect for what I wanted and needed.  When looking on ebay for Korean BB creams I was a bit sceptical about which ones to buy, the majority of them were fairly cheap so I didn’t feel like I’d break the bank purchasing them. The first one I came across was on f2plus1 shop and goes by the name of Holika Holika Petit BB Cream – 30ml.  There are five types of this BB cream; each tailored to different skin types and what people want/need from their product, they are as follows: Clearing, Watery, Essential, Shimmering and Moisture.

I only purchased the Clearing BB as it sounded perfect for what I needed as I suffer from the occasional break out and would rather wear a product that would help my skin through the day rather than hinder it.

I was rather worried at first that it’d be too dark for my skin tone as I am very naturally pale however after blending the product it seemed to adhere to my skin tone and look natural, giving me a lovely finish. It gives medium to heavy coverage depending on how many layers you apply to the skin. Taking this into account, I wouldn’t need to use any concealer on my face before applying this product which cuts a lot of time and effort out of my morning routine. It also smells absolutely lovely, I can’t even explain the smell or pin down what it actual is but it smell fresh, it also isn’t over pwering and as soon as it is applied to the skin it loses its odour. Which I am rather disappointed about as it smells SO good!


The BB cream also stays put all day, unfortunately I get quite greasy skin and it doesn’t seem to stop this shine although it is nothing a little powder can’t fix.  I am not sure whether it is due to the product itself or just bad timing with putting it on my skin but I have suffered from a breakout during the process of using this.  However I can’t entirely blame the product as my skin is infamous for going through great spells and awful spells. 

But here is the product/coverage of the BB Cream:-


Before a full day of work                 After a full day

The above pictures are what the Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream looked like before a full day of work and after, the picture on the left is shortly after application and the picture on the right is after 10 plus hours of wearing.  I know there doesn’t look much difference between the two but I promise you they were taken ten hours apart.  I think this goes to show how well the product stays throughout the day.

I also took the pictures in the car to and from work – I hope it is pretty obvious that I wasn’t driving! 

I did this so that I could get some lighting and show you how the BB cream looks on my face in natural lighting.

On top of all this, it also has SPF 30 which is brilliant in any kind of product as it gives you the coverage and the protection. Although if you live in a humid sunny place always wear sunscreen, do not use this as an alternative! Always best to be safe than sorry.  
Taking all this into account I give this product: 

I give Holika Holika Petit BB Cream 4 1/5 out of 5!

If you are looking for this product for your own personal use, here’s the link to f2plus1’s ebay page where I purchased the BB Cream from:-

Feel free to have a look at the seller’s page.  From my experience so far they are a great seller and I have received the products that I’ve ordered from them in less than ten days after the item was dispatched which is amazing, especially since it is coming from Korea. 

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed my review.  I shall be reviewing another Korean beauty product soon, so look out for that. 🙂

Megan x