The Big One! – Loot Crate December 2014 Reveal

With 22 days left till Christmas it seems like everyone is getting into the festive spirit and that even extends to the team at Loot Crate. This month’s Crate will be their biggest yet with lots of goodies and of course as always some exclusive items especially for Looters!
With items relating to The Simpsons, Ghost Busters and another brand new Funko Pop that can’t be found anywhere else! If that isn’t enough to make you feel weak in the knees and excited for this epic crate then I don’t know what will!!

The theme for this month is:-

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This one you won’t want to miss and if you do, then that doesn’t matter. Just don’t forget to treat yourself to something nice this Christmas – be it a present, a bubble bath or even spending a relaxing day playing Canis Canem Edit… (Just me?). If you want to find out what I received or what was in the crate, just look out for my next Loot Crate blog post later on this month (depending on when I receive it) and I’ll reveal to you all the wonderful goodies I received in the December Loot Crate. Now hurry up and get here Loot Crate, I’m waiting!!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Find out more about this month’s Loot Crate from the reveal video below:-

❄ (Sorry for the lack of Loot Crate posts!! This is to make up for the last few months. Now let’s get excited for December Loot Crate and for Christmas! Hell yeah!!) 😀 ❄

Loot Crate August Theme Reveal

As this months reveal video has finally been released by the great guys at Loot Crate I thought I would reveal this months theme.

You didn’t think we’d let the bad guys have all the glory. This month we have assembled an awesome collection that celebrates good guys. Items in our crate draw from HEROES in both geek & gamer lore…Last but not least, our custom box last month was so well received that you’ll get another surprise when you open your August one!

That’s right this month theme is in fact Heroes! And for those of you who didn’t get to see last months Loot Crate, this was the genius little surprise inside everyone’s box:-


Now I’ll stop with my ranting and let loose the visionary masterpiece that can be seen below. Enjoy!

Loot Crate July Theme Reveal

This months Loot Crate theme has been revealed and my crate will shortly be with me.

This theme revolves around the world’s most hated thing known to mankind:

They cause havoc in cities, children to cry and heroes to fight; they destroy planets and lives with anguish and passion, they are the worst kind of people known to man – they are the Villains of the world. Gotham stands no chance in a game of cards when the Joker is played, the father of Luke wonders in the dark with the Death Star in tow and there is always that one girl with a Raven on her shoulder and skin as blue as the ocean that consumes the globe; these are some of the Villains feared by all but where every Joker, there is a Bat. With every dark side, there is a beacon of light and with every Raven, there is a Wolverine.

July’s crate is all to do with Villains, so join me soon in my unboxing of this months Loot Crate.

Megan x 🙂


June Loot Crate Reveal

Loot Crate have let their loyal Looters know what this month’s crate theme is and with less than a week to go, I thought I’d give you some hints.

See if you can guess what this month’s theme is:-

“Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.”

Any ideas yet?

No…? How about:-

“Sometimes even the wisest of men and machines can be in error.”

How about now? Come on, that was a massive give away. Still not entirely sure?


That was said by the one and only Optimus Prime, the great leader of the Autobots and beloved by all! So fittingly this month’s theme is of course TRANSFORM!

Meaning everything in our crate this month in some marvelous way will transform from something mediocre to top notch amazement just like Bumble Bee does from car to Autobot. I cannot wait to get my hands on these goodies, I am going to get hours of entertainment out of these items. Like they say small things…

With the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction just around the corner this theme comes as no surprise to anyone. I know that with many franchises that have been beloved for so long by so many people that films like this can either be a hit or miss. If you loved the old school cartoon or even the latest films one thing is certain, this crate is going to be kick ass.
Maybe even transform your life. 😉

Sorry, that was bad. My apologies for that terrible joke! If you wish to see all the cool things I receive in this crate along with some more awful jokes (I promise to try and avoid using them at all costs) look out for my post and feel free to follow my blog. 🙂

On a side note, enjoy this themed video made by Loot Crate themselves:-

There is still a chance to subscribe for the June crate, just use the code JUNELOOT for $3 off.  Hurry and get subscribing to this months crate whilst you still can.  Just visit —>

Megan x 🙂

May Loot Crate Reveal – Hey, Look, Listen!

This months Loot Crate theme has been released to their subscribers and after the amazing Dragon theme for April, May’s theme is even better.

Containing licensed items from the legendary Minecraft, Adventure Time and my personal favourite – The Legend of Zelda along with much more, this crate is one to be excited for.  

Have you guessed the theme yet? No?! Well it is of course ADVENTURE!

There is still time to sign up and get one for your own this month.  Also use the code MAYLOOT for $3 off your first crate.

Join me in my adventure of unearthing all of these amazing goodies sent to me by Loot Crate – just look out for the post.