Pre-Halloween Scares: Let’s Play from RT!

In preparation for Halloween tomorrow the awesome Adam and Joel with Blaine in tow on the camera; go to an abandoned and “haunted” asylum to play the hit horror game Outlast in this Halloween Special.  There are many girlish screams, terrified faces and what is for them an intense Let’s Play. Very entertaining to watch but I can’t help but feel sorry for them…however I’d rather it be them than me!
I also thought some of you might enjoy to watch it. 🙂

I think out of anything you can watch this Halloween, American Horror Story: Freak Show is probably one of the most disturbing and horrifying television series out there that is perfectly fitting.

But lets face it, you won’t be short of scares! Have a spooktacular Halloween filled with excitement and fear (of the fun kind) and I shall see you when all the skeletons, vampires (none of the sparkling kind I hope), cobwebs and tombstones have been tucked away for another year. 

Megan 🙂


Outlast: Whistleblower Mini Review

Outlast: Whistleblower – The DLC to the horrifying game that disturbed and caused sleepless nights for many.  If you thought that this would be a bed full of roses compared to the original game, you’d be so very wrong.  Many have said that this is scarier but you’d have to be the judge of that.

Staying true to the game it throws things into the midst that cause your heart to pound and your breath to quicken, a lot like the character you play as, Waylon Park.  The poor guy endures a lot; from nearly having a sex change to being chased by a cannibal.  It is safe to say he’ll never be the same again. 

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