The Big One! – Loot Crate December 2014 Reveal

With 22 days left till Christmas it seems like everyone is getting into the festive spirit and that even extends to the team at Loot Crate. This month’s Crate will be their biggest yet with lots of goodies and of course as always some exclusive items especially for Looters!
With items relating to The Simpsons, Ghost Busters and another brand new Funko Pop that can’t be found anywhere else! If that isn’t enough to make you feel weak in the knees and excited for this epic crate then I don’t know what will!!

The theme for this month is:-

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This one you won’t want to miss and if you do, then that doesn’t matter. Just don’t forget to treat yourself to something nice this Christmas – be it a present, a bubble bath or even spending a relaxing day playing Canis Canem Edit… (Just me?). If you want to find out what I received or what was in the crate, just look out for my next Loot Crate blog post later on this month (depending on when I receive it) and I’ll reveal to you all the wonderful goodies I received in the December Loot Crate. Now hurry up and get here Loot Crate, I’m waiting!!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Find out more about this month’s Loot Crate from the reveal video below:-

❄ (Sorry for the lack of Loot Crate posts!! This is to make up for the last few months. Now let’s get excited for December Loot Crate and for Christmas! Hell yeah!!) 😀 ❄

August Loot Crate – Heroes


Do you have the makings of being a hero?!

Remember “Nothing starts until you take action”

Please enjoy this months little treats from the amazing people at Loot Crate, who once again went above and beyond with the Loot Crate exclusive item.  The item this months is truly incredible and by far one of my favourites…especially the glow in the dark added effect!

TMNT Full Figure by Kidrobot

“We’ve seen a handful of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies and Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created these heroes in a halfshell way back in 1984 and probably not with the idea that they’d become so popular! Cowabunga dudes!”

My Opinion: I used to watch TMNT when I was a child but that’s as far as my fandom (if you can even call it that) goes with TMNT, I am not really a huge fan. This is one fandom I missed out on getting in to however the new TMNT film coming out looks…awful! The Ninja Turtles themselves have a striking resemblance to Shrek and this is one film I can live without seeing. I don’t think it’ll be a big blockbuster hit; more a flop than a knockout! But I could be wrong! 


Funko POP! Groot Exclusive by Funko & Marvel

“Did you know this little guy has been in the Marvel Universe since 1960?…Now, he and his fuzzy companion are taking the world by storm in this month’s box-office hit: Guardians of the Galaxy! Did I mention his arm glows in the dark? I didn’t? Well, check it out!”

My Opinion: I love Funko POP! Figures. Since starting Loot Crate and looking elsewhere online I have started to build up a small collection of these fabulous items. This is not only my favourite item in this crate but my favourite item out of all the crates I have had in the past! If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet you are missing out, it is this summer’s must watch film (in my mind – way better than Lucy and the new Transformers combined).

IMG-20140826-02006 1

TMNT Mask Glasses by H2W

“Show your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pride with these bandana glasses!… You can show your love for not just the series but the new big-budget flick from Michael Bay…Cowabunga, dudes!”

My Opinion: If I was a fan of TMNT I would probably like these but I really don’t, they are cool for fans but I wouldn’t wear them. Maybe if I was going to see the new TMNT film I would but I doubt that’s going to happen. At least this matches up with the Donatello figure – on purpose or just coincident? *Twilight Zone music*


Shoe Lightning Bolts by Schwings

“Now, these fun lil’ bolts that lace into your shoes and make you look ready to race out into action like The Flash!…Let us see how these lighten up your walks, runs and if you figure out how to take off into space – we want to see that too!”

My Opinion: These straightaway reminded me of Percy Jackson; when I was a huge fan of the books and just as the first film was coming out I got something similar to this along with a winged converse air freshener. Of course Percy is a hero of his own accord, there are some perks to being the son of Poseidon. Fortunately these relate to the incredible superhero The Flash, I am looking forward to putting these onto some shoes of mine hopefully I’ll become the Usian Bolt of England – one can dream.


Sonic Air Freshener by Sega & Epic Scents

“Sonic’s arrival on Sega’s systems in 1991 signalled a burst in speed that everyone loved. You can keep your car, locker or pretty much anywhere you can hang these fellas…Not a bad way to show your love for these gaming favourites!”

My Opinion: I don’t own a car nor do I have a locker but I am sure I can find somewhere to hang this little gem or I could always pass this onto one of my gaming friends who owns a car. It all depends on what this smells like, fingers crossed for something sweet flavoured!

Magnet 2×3.5 by Loot Crate Labs

“Magnet – Deadpool is one of our all-time favourite Anti-heroes and this is his favourite breakfast cereal…Chimichang’Os!”

My Opinion: Who doesnt’t love the anti-hero Deadpool, after last months socks it is nice to have another item relating to him.  I just need to find somewhere amazing to stick it.


Due to the hype last months box caused with its interior design, this month as promised they did exactly the same and went all out! I am so impressed and for obvious reasons cannot throw this away.


Another cool part about this box is that underneath the rug is a hidden section.  I think it is another part of the sofa and ten another rug but I am not entirely sure.  If anyone knows it to be something different, please tell me in the comment section down below! 🙂


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Megan x 🙂
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