The Birthday Gardner

It’s my Grandpa’s big 8-0 tomorrow and to help him celebrate in style we decided to get him a cake that incorporated his true love; gardening.

20141129_1508242 What better way to show off his love for something than on a cake. 🙂 I am really excited to surprise him on his birthday with this marvel. ♥  

That’s all from me.

Megan x

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I Fail at Life…

You may be asking, why Megan? Why do you fail at life?

Well it is really rather simple.  I have started to eat healthier so therefore have switched white bread to pitta bread.  And I recently discovered today that I can’t even cut a fricking piece of bread! 

I did it the stupid way at first and then I realised that I was a complete and utter moron but not before I had finished cutting it – I looked at the disappointing mess in front of me and the first thought that came to my mind was, “This can’t be right”. No, it really isn’t right, it looks like it has been run over then re-backed over, pecked at by some birds and then maybe thrown from a plane.
I questioned my life and everything that I had believed/done up until that moment.  But I didn’t want to be beaten by BREAD so I decided to give it another go. 

First Attempt – Yay! -_-

Second Attempt

Better? Still failed and stressed me out so much that I considered giving up, taking a bag of sweets and sitting in the corner stuffing my face with the evil goodness of Haribo and crying about how much of a failure I am.

I mean do you have to be surgically trained to cut pitta bread? It feels like my whole life I have been working up to this one moment and I’ll either make it or break it, I obviously broke it…into several pieces. I don’t understand! Should I go to University, get a degree then attempt to cut it again?! I didn’t realise I would have to be Hannibal Lecter to succeed in cutting pitta bread!

I fail so hard at life!  

Internet, teach me your ways and show me the correct way to cut pitta bread without losing the world to live. Be glad you don’t have to take this train wreck known as “my lunch” to work tomorrow. 

Megan x

Do you even cut bread, bro?!

A Little Slice of Heaven…

I was spoiled by work with this huge slice of chocolate cake from Patisserie Valerie among other things as part of my birthday present. I was trying to be good but it looks like this resolution won’t make it till the end of the week.

But then again, I can’t be expected to be good on my birthday. 

Time to be a little bad and…

Tuck in!