Soap & Glory – Make Yourself Youthful CC Cream Review

Soap and Glory 
Make Yourself Youthful Superfluid CC Cream with SPF 15
Shade: Good Light

I purchased this product with a bunch of other Soap and Glory items and ever since then I have been unable to stop using this.  I have never used a CC Cream before however like a BB cream it is basically a tinted moisturiser with sun protection. A part from this the creams main aim is Colour Correction or Complexion Correcting – note the CC.

As of lately I have had very dry and terrible skin which is not great when trying to apply foundation over the top of it, luckily this CC Cream glides over effortlessly and seems to cover any redness on my skin brilliantly.  Unfortunately when it first comes out it appears very very orange… a bit tangtastic I know and this is the lightest shade you can get, it is almost shocking to how orange it is;

Don’t be discouraged by the colour though, it blends nicely on the skin and when powder is applied you can barely tell the difference to your natural skin tone.  Just make sure to blend well when using as otherwise your face and neck will look very different indeed, also blend into the neck as you usually would with other foundations to make it less noticeable.

Below is what it looks like when applied alone with nothing else, still a few lumps and bumps noticeable on my skin however there is no unsightly redness that is completely visible.  

I would suggest to anyone giving this ago even if you buy it for the smell alone, I mean it smells divine and in my book anything that smells good is a winner. Maybe that’s just me…probably is just me. 

Depending on what kind of skin day I am having it can either go a whole day without becoming greasy and needing powder but other days it can become greasy on my skin, it has good days and bad days but that can be applied to any product out there.  I know in Korea they are very focused on beauty regimes as they know that in order to have flawless make up you have to have a good base to build upon – similar to when building a house. That’s why they are leading the way in skin care and beauty. 
You can get yourself this fabulous CC Cream from Boots online or in store for £14.00.  
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It worked for me so hopefully it’ll work for all of you.  
That’s all from me.  Have a wonderful day.
Megan xx 🙂