I have always wanted to get a big elegant hat and the other day I finally plucked up the courage to get one.  I have never previously purchased one as I always feel so clumsy in my own skin and not “lady enough” to get away with wearing many things that I see pretty girls who skip around in their high heels wearing.   But I did, I actually took the leap and got something that was out of my comfort zone.  I know it is just a hat and insinuating that it makes a massive impact to my life is silly but to me it feels like one small step to being a slightly more confident person. 

I bought this hat with my holiday in mind, which I am absolutely over the moon for and cannot wait to happen but for now it still feels so far away.  Although I still can’t believe that it is already March, nearly April. I mean, where does the time go?   

So here it is, here is a picture of my lovely elegant classy (see how many adjectives I can cram into one) hat:

If you know the meaning of BFG and no I am not on about the Big Friendly Giant, but about the gun in Doom, then you know what this abbreviation means. However instead of the gun just change that for gigantic.  I am making this far more difficult than it should be…as always, basically – “Big F****** Gigantic Hat”! That is the perfect way to describe this hat.  ^

People could probably live on it; my hat is most likely the island featured on Lost. Or Noah’s ark, I mean imagine how many animals I could fit on this thing. I bet two of every kind!

Still I love it and cannot wait to wear it, I would wear it here in England but with all the rain and hail we’ve been having lately it seems far too risky a price to pay.  Actually, probably not as the hat only cost a few pound, if it was a £100 hat I’d have it locked in a glass container and kept in a basement somewhere and only a select few would know where! – I just took that to a whole other level.
Just for any of you curious out there, the hat cost £4 from Primark.  A great deal in my mind!


Excuse the hallway.  I would love to take pictures during the day like outside to upload on my blog but I am at work and by the time I get home it is dark! -_-
When the nights draw out then I’ll be able to take better pictures in real light not artificial!!
I could wait till the weekend to take them – but it is SO far away!! Grrr.
I will photo hoard on a weekend then upload through the week, probably the best way to get better quality pictures rather than dingy ones! 

That’s it from me today, hope you like my hat! 🙂

Megan x