About Me


My name is Megan and I am new to blogging.  I haven’t completely figured out how to work this site yet but I am sure in time I shall get used to it.  I forgot to fill in this page when I first started but I suppose better late than never!

I enjoy playing video games and trying out new things, which is why I am currently in the process of testing out a lot and I mean a lot of Korean products as from what I have heard from sources, they are the best in skin care and make up like their famous BB Creams.

I live in cold damp England brrr! But I am pleased to announce that at the moment it seems to be heating up which is really rather shocking.  Unfortunately it still isn’t the lovely warm temperature of Australia but one can hope it’ll become that soon enough! Maybe then I can tan and become a little bit of a nicer colour rather than the pale white snow colour I currently am.  I mean I do have to get the palest foundation for my skin.

I also love Loot Crate and am always so excited to receive the wonderful box of goodies each month!  I shall be sharing with you all each month about what treasures lie within. If you want to ask me anything, feel free to do so as I am more than happy to answer questions or speak to anyone!

That’s all from me,

Megan x ♥

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