I’m Feeling all Nostalgic…


Bringing back some very good memories of amazing games that I had the privilege of playing and immersing myself in their world.

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They have a lot of amazing pictures both nerdy and funny so feel free to check out their site; it may become apart of your daily routine as well. :)

July Loot Crate – Villains

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” – Harvey Dent

Look to bottom of this post to see the new places around the world that Loot Crate is now shipping to!

July Loot Crate

Jocki Villain T Shirt by Woot!

This shirt combines two of comics most dastardly chaotic villains from two different comic houses…show everyone that these two villains could be far worse if they were all blended into one crazy body! Only from Loot Crate!

My Opinion: Find this shirt so entertaining and amazing, two of my favourite villains combined into one.  I will wear this exclusive item with pride and make all jealous! Ha ha ha, only Joki!

Joker Tee

Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic by Marvel & Diamond Comics

He’s small, adorable, foul-mouthed and armed to the teeth…Learn more about Rocket and just what makes him on of our favourites in this awesome comic with art done by Skottie Young and exclusive cover work by Dale Keown.

My Opinion: I can add this to my huge comic stash. I have never read a comic including Rocket Raccoon in but I am happy to give this a read.  Might get me even more hyped for the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Harley Quinn and Joker Posters by DC Comics & Trends International

It’s hard not to love The Joker just like it’s pretty difficult to not appreciate the mad love that Harley Quinn has for her boss slash most difficult patient.  Get comfortable with two of Arkham’s finest with both of these beautiful posters.

My Opinion: I already have a Joker poster on my wall from the game Arkham Aslyum but this poster is amazing and will make a great addition especially with Harley Quinn included.  They always remind me of the quote from Alice in Wonderland – We’re all mad here!


Deadpool Socks by Marvel Comics & HYP

We had considered putting chimichangas in every crate but it was messy in trials. Check out these awesome socks that give you a hint of anti-hero without the pricey costs of lairs, weapons and medical bills.

My Opinion: I absolutely adore Deadpool, he doesn’t cease to amaze me with his outrageous acts. I also have a sock fixation so this can join my many socks within my drawer. Definitely a favourite of mine in this months Loot Crate – a bit sad I suppose but I love them!


Darth Vader Key Chain by Lucas Films & Plasicolor

It can’t be all about comic books because we’d be leaving out another famous villain entirely! Darth Vader still remains one of the most notorious and well-known good-guys-gone-wrong stories in movies! Why not take him with you everywhere to remind yourself it’s okay to be a little bit bad.

My Opinion: Cannot wait to put this key chain on my keys, will make a nice addition. I already have the bottle opener from the Adventure themed month on my keys so I might as well add this to it as well. Everyone is a fan of the infamous Darth Vader and I am indeed one of them.


Necessary Evil DVD by DC Comics & Warner Brothers

Christopher Lee narrates this awesome documentary that explores the villains of DC Universe

My Opinion: Huge fan of documentaries as they are so interesting and engrossing, will be watching this pretty soon to learn all I can about the evil villains of the DC Universe. I love finding out about their past and what made them become the villains they are today.


Bowser Magnet 3×3 by Loot Crate Labs

Bowser wants YOU to help him thwart those obnoxious plumbing brothers! Protect your fridge with the most hardcore boss from the Mushroom Kingdom! Toss this on a locker and warn anyone who dares try to enter, your treasures are protected by King Koopa’s army!

My Opinion: Already have put this on my cabinet at work. I am hoping it’ll work in keeping people away who try to give me work. Fingers crossed!  On a side note – hope you enjoy my poster!


Another favourite of mine in this months Loot Crate is the box itself, look at all the graffiti left behind by The Joker. This is definitely a keeper!


Don’t miss out for next months Loot Crate, subscriptions for August are now open and you can get 10% off by using the code: HEROES  Seems like a giveaway for next months theme!! So filled with excitement!
If you’d rather just read about what items are in next months crate instead of getting one for yourself please feel free to follow my blog as I am not intending on stopping my subscription to Loot Crate anytime soon and will be doing monthly posts of what amazing items I receive.

If you do wish to subscribe to Loot Crate, you can do that here:  ——> www.lootcrate.com   

They ship to America, Canada, Australia and England, along with now Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden, so if you live in any of these countries you can get yours now!

That’s all from me,

Megan x  :)
I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies to make this review.  All the views expressed by myself in this review are strictly my own.

Loot Crate July Theme Reveal

This months Loot Crate theme has been revealed and my crate will shortly be with me.

This theme revolves around the world’s most hated thing known to mankind:

They cause havoc in cities, children to cry and heroes to fight; they destroy planets and lives with anguish and passion, they are the worst kind of people known to man – they are the Villains of the world. Gotham stands no chance in a game of cards when the Joker is played, the father of Luke wonders in the dark with the Death Star in tow and there is always that one girl with a Raven on her shoulder and skin as blue as the ocean that consumes the globe; these are some of the Villains feared by all but where every Joker, there is a Bat. With every dark side, there is a beacon of light and with every Raven, there is a Wolverine.

July’s crate is all to do with Villains, so join me soon in my unboxing of this months Loot Crate.

Megan x :)


Benefit – First Class Flirts

First Class Flirts

Unfortunately I didn’t fly first class but I was able to pick up this cute Benefit travel set on board:-

First Class FlirtsFCF Back

Here are the items I got inside. Cannot wait to try them out!

Total MoistureGal and PoreBenetint1Blush - DandelionBenefit - Watts Up

I am glad I got this on the way back, I love Benefit products and even though these are only sample sizes I am still really excited to try them out. I have always wanted to get a Benefit blush but have never been too sure which one to use.
My beauty regime has also changed a lot especially the way I am applying make up and how much I am putting on my skin. I barely wore any make up on holiday apart from to cover up any problem areas and a bit of bronzer, I am hoping to incorporate this into my routine back in England as it takes less time and any skin problems I have will clear up quicker. I am going to definetly include these into my routine, cannot wait to also try out the “That Gal” primer, I have heard fantastic things about it.  This only cost me £16.50 on the plane so was a fantastic buy.  I love Duty Free and whoever came up with the idea!

That’s all from me,

Megan x :)

Holiday Survival Kit

I have just come back from my relaxing holiday in Palma and luckily for me it is sunny back here in England. So to keep me in the holiday spirit whilst the sun is high in the sky I have put together a mini holiday survival kit for you all to enjoy!

1. Oil Absorbing Sheets – A great little piece to carry around in your bag when you are on the go in humid heat; easy and quick to use.  Would suggest this as a must have for anyone, even if you aren’t going away it is a great way to remove excess shine and grease from the face, even when make up has been applied. They give you a matte complexion instantly. I picked up this item from Boots they weren’t that expensive and with the ones I chose I got 50 sheets, the one I bought was part of the Boots own Skin Clear range. They are incredible and I would not leave home without them. 

2. Moisturizer - Face, body –  the whole shebang; the hot sun can do a lot of damage to your skin so make sure to keep it replenished after being out in the sun especially if you get sunburnt as it will also prevent peeling and keep the colour locked in for longer. This brings me to my next item…

3. Sunscreen - A must have! Skin care is vital when being in the sun whatever the country.  Skin cancer is serious and is something you want try and prevent as much as possible so take some safety steps to protect your skin and look after yourself. Using a sunscreen is important and is a must, I cannot say that enough. If you want a nice tan you can still get one with a factor 30 also make sure the brand has a good UV rating. The better the UV rating, the better the protection.

4. Good Deodorant – Being in the humidity will cause you to sweat a lot so having a good deodorant that can prevent under arm sweating and avoid odours is something crucial in surviving a nice holiday in the sun. I found a great deodorant that worked perfectly for me.  Palma obviously isn’t the hottest place to go but it isn’t exactly cold either, the deodorant I used was Mitchum 48HR Protection Flower Fresh Spray along with the Mitchum 48HR Powder Fresh under arm roll on.  Both of these stayed put throughout the day, I wouldn’t say for the whole 48 hours due to the heat but they certainly together prevented sweating and kept me smelling fresh.  By far the best deodorant I have used, at the moment on sale in Boots – 2 for £4 which is a bargain compared to their usual retail prices.

5. Last but not least – A Good Read – Having a good book to read is another thing needed when on holiday, you can’t go wrong sitting by the pool with an interesting storyline that grips you from the off set.  The two books I chose to read were:- All you Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and Sad Wind from the Sea by Jack Higgins. Both great reads and now that I am back I cannot wait to read my other Jack Higgins book The Khufra Run. For anyone wondering whether to give his novels a read I would highly recommend doing so, they are gripping and absolutely interesting. I adore his writing style and I am sad I didn’t start reading Sad Wind from the Sea earlier. So stop with the excuses and pick up one of his books! You won’t regret it!

If you have anything else that you think is needed for a holiday survival kit, please leave me a comment down below.  I know there are hundreds of must haves for any holiday to take with you but these are a few I can think of, thought I’d keep it short and sweet.

That’s all from me, I am in many ways glad to be back just missing the sunshine and also hoping my new lovely tan will stay put for the foreseeable future!

Megan :) x

P.S. Sand may be annoying especially once you’ve come back from the beach and find it everywhere! However it is a natural exfoliant so collect all the sand you’ve accumulated and use it with water to exfoliate the skin and remove any dry skin. Perfect – Turn annoyances into fabulous beauty products!

June Loot Crate – Transform

My friend received their crate at the weekend so I knew that first thing this morning I would come into work to find my Loot Crate waiting for me. Two whole days of waiting later and here it is, my crate of transforming goodies. Lets stop the chit-chat and get right to it.  I know this is late compared to some other people’s so instead of making anyone out there wait any longer, here it is;

“Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye” – Optimus Prime


Transformers Hex Bugs by Hasbro & First Innovations Labs


Transformers Blind Box by Habro and The Loyal Subjects


Transormers Sticker Set, MLG Terry Cloth Wristband & MLG Stickers


Marty McPrime Shirt by Nathan Davis & The Hundreds


Gotta go back in time!! This months Loot Crate items were not the best I have ever received from the wonderful people at Loot Crate but I did enjoy them especially the Back to the Future themed t-shirt. I have always been a huge fan so to get a shirt remotely linked to BTF is a plus; by far my favourite item in the crate. I am quite disappointed though that not many of the items can transform from one thing to another, I had such high hopes and think they missed out on a great opportunity. Either way these items aren’t the worst and I am happy to have received them.

Don’t miss out for next months Loot Crate. Subscriptions for July are now open and you can get $3 off by using the code: SAVE3 or if you’d rather just read about what items are in next months crate instead of getting one for yourself please feel free to follow my blog as I am not intending on stopping my subscription to Loot Crate anytime soon and will be doing monthly posts of what amazing items I receive.

If you do wish to subscribe to Loot Crate, you can do that here:  ——> www.lootcrate.com   

They ship to America, Canada, Australia and England, so if you live in any of these countries you can get yours now!

That’s all from me,

Megan x  :)